Jahnet is offering 1 hour sessions with herself and her trainee  for £180 exploring the arts of tantra..

Dani Shakti is available to join in sessions with Jahnet at kingsgate the fee is £250 and need to be booked and confirmed  at least 90 mins in advance.    please call Jahnet on the 07932828389 number to book these sessions.


The bookings times are 12 till 730pm and, we both offer individual  sessions;  Jahnet is in West Hampstead  and her fees begin at £150,    and Dana Shakti is in Marylebone and Her fees begin at £180.


 Jahnet Delight is a mature beautiful Scotts Indian born in London, she has spent many years exploring the arts of lovemaking  delving into Tantra, S/M ,taoism  and sexual magic.  Teaching and performing gives Ms Delight the greatest pleasure. The element of fun is present in all her sessions . Learn to be a better lover, control your orgasm, reveal  your  darker playful  side, know the high of full body turn on and the bliss of total body orgasm . let your whole' being 'relax  and just have fun.



Dana Shakti is the perfect goddess to explore the world of erotica with, she is highly trained ;  spending many years  with Ms Delight at Tantra Leela as a student and as a teacher. She is young, strong willed, and very beautiful, she is playful and warm; and although she is independent now and runs her  own practice called tanric haven in Marylebone w1 her fees begin at £180 please call if you would like me book an appointment with her  07932828389 

Ms Delight and Miss Shakti love getting together, finding deeper and richer 'Leela" plays, to  guide the willing explorer on the path of Tantric  sexual and spiritual liberation . 




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