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                                                                     Real Tantric Massage London

                                                                         and feel like a God…




In the crazy world we live in, we need a little sanctuary, a place to forget the stresses and strains of modern life, to relax and bath our senses in pure sensual pleasure.

Tantra Leela was created with this in mind, we can't change the world for you, but we can change how you feel.

Without years of studying yourself you can enjoy a blissful session.

I will guide you in the wonderful world of Real Tantra where you can touch Heaven.

Take the next step and begin your divine journey with me,
Daniella Shakti


                         tantric goddess and shakti sex teacher and erotic pleasure.   

Hello, my name it's Daniella, I am an independent Tantric Teacher and massage therapist. I have been practicing Tantric massage in London for over 7 years and i am happy to offer an authentic and unforgettable sensual and erotic experience…the sensation cannot be explained, only experienced.
Years ago in my journey of self awareness, i discovered the ancient Art of Tantra.

I was intensively trained for 2 years by Jahnet Delight and became a Tantric Teacher. I was fascinated by the feelings of wellbeing, stress relief and maximum pleasure that Tantric Massage brings to the receiver.
I am sweet, intelligent women, and have a warm and charming personality that you may never forget. An open-minded and down to earth person who sets high standards for myself. The passion for learning and exploring the human body and boundaries brings me here 


I have been learning, teaching and loving the Arts of Tantric massage for many years and I am still learning more, to share with you.
My mission is to immerse you in an amazing and sensual Tantric Journey, helping you to reconnect with your body, mind and soul, and allow you to escape from your busy life and routine.

Tantric massage allows you to explore the energy in new creative ways …
The wonderful combination of breathing, meditation, connection exercises and deep sensual massage, enhances your feelings and your mind, producing the right natural energy in the chakras, where you learn to drive that powerful heightened positive energy in all your body and restore the drained energy level.

 The Magic of Body and Soul it's just a call away…


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